Earwax Removal. Ear Irrigation.

Ear irrigation is a painless procedure performed to remove a foreign body or cerumen plug from the ear. It quickly relieves ear pain and expedites the healing process.

We understand how difficult and long it can be to wait for a visit to the ENT, so our office offers ear examinations and ear irrigation services.
This procedure, which seems simple at first glance, can cause great harm when done incorrectly.
What is a cerumen plug, or sulfur plug? It is an excessive accumulation of earwax, which leads to blockage of the external auditory canal. Earwax forms in the outer part of the ear. The removal of a sulfur plug is possible in several ways. However, only a specialist knows how to do it right.
There are several reasons for the formation of an ear plug: improper care; increased pollution of the environment; a foreign object in the ear (for example, headphones); previous diseases like eczema, otitis media, dermatitis; or an anatomically narrow winding ear passage.
If you have symptoms such as hearing loss, extraneous noise, or a feeling of congestion in the ear, you may have a blocked ear canal. It can also develop into inflammation of the middle ear.
There are several techniques for removing an ear plug: rinsing, strangulation with a curette or a surgical spoon (medical instrument), or medication with the help of drugs that dissolve the sulfur plug.
Seeing a doctor early can help protect your hearing and health.


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